Green Deal

Green Deal

Huntingdonshire take ‘Action on Energy’

Huntingdonshire District Council has partnered with other local authorities in Cambridgeshire to assist residents and landlords to make energy efficient improvement to their homes.

Making use of the government’s flagship Green Deal scheme, the Cambridgeshire scheme called ‘Action on Energy’ will help residents to assess the energy performance of their property, identify potential improvements and provide options and advice for funding.

‘Action on Energy’ will be launched at the end of the year. The scheme will help Cambridgeshire residents reduce their reliance on centralised energy and reduce exposure to unpredictable energy prices.

Visit the Action on Energy website for more information 

What is Green Deal & Energy Company Obligation (ECO)?

The Green Deal is a new finance framework that will enable and encourage consumers to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses without up-front costs. Provision for the Green Deal was included in the Energy Bill, to develop a national energy efficiency retro-fit scheme to reduce carbon emissions and improve the energy ratings of homes and non-domestic properties in the UK.

Green Deal will remove the need to pay up-front costs for energy saving measures, the finance will be attached to the property rather than the occupier with the repayments being made through energy bills. If the occupier moves out the financial obligation will stay with the property and the repayments will move on to the subsequent bill-payer. The core principle of the Green Deal is the ‘golden rule’; that the payment for the energy saving measure/s, including the cost of finance, labour and products should not exceed the projected associated cost savings on an average bill for the duration of the green finance arrangement, which can be as long as 25 years for houses.

For low income, vulnerable households and properties where cost-effective measures will not meet the ‘Golden Rule’ (such as solid wall insulation) the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) will assist in supporting these.

Energy efficiency measures for Green Deal will include cavity wall, loft and floor insulation, heating controls, gas-fired condensing boilers, replacement glazing, flat roof insulation and micro-generation technologies such as heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal systems.

The Green Deal process will be as follows:

1. An accredited Green Deal Advisor will undertake a Green Deal Assessment to determine which cost effective measures would benefit the property/householder

2. Accredited Green Deal Providers will then offer a package of the approved measures, along with the finance

3. The customer then agrees and signs a Green Deal plan with a Provider, which is tied to the property

4. Accredited installers will then carry out the work as agreed in the plan

5. Repayments for the Green Deal Plan are then collected through the customers electricity bill

6. On-going customer support is provided by the Green Deal Provider to ensure the performance of the installed measures

If ECO funding support is required, this will be arranged by the Green Deal Providers.

Local authorities such as Huntingdonshire District Council will play an important role in delivering and promoting Green Deal and ECO to local residents. The Green House Project will continue to provide an excellent opportunity for people to see energy efficiency measures ‘in-situ’ and help them decide which measures may be suitable for their own properties. The demonstration home at 1 St Audrey Lane, St Ives will be an important resource for Huntingdonshire District Council to promote and support the Green Deal and ECO locally.

Green Deal and ECO are due to be formerly launched in October 2012, although it’s likely that the first Green Deal Plans are likely to be available during early 2013.