The Marney Hall Consultancy

Specialists in natural garden design

A childhood love of plants and natural history has, for Marney Hall, developed into a career devoted to the creation and maintenance of beautiful gardens. Using the knowledge gained from 21 years of conservation research, Marney combines a natural creative flair with a real understanding of plants and their needs.

Marney Hall is one of the country’s leading experts in the creation and restoration of natural habitats. She has won Gold at both the Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows. Based in St Ives, Marney’s consultancy offers a wide service to clients which combines her own personal knowledge with the skills of talented craftsmen from furniture and folly builders to glass blowers and wood carvers. Working as a team the consultancy creates gardens which reflect both the needs of the client and the local environment. Their combined expertise is as relevant to the small urban setting as it is to the creation of a new garden on the grand scale or the woodlands, restoration of an old garden. The consultancy can create meadows and streams, waterfalls and woodlands, swimming ponds and pottagers. All of Marney’s designs have one thing in common – an overwhelming desire to improve the local environment both visually and for the wildlife that may visit it.