Heating Save

Heating Save

HeatingSave is a low-cost, revolutionary Energy Management System that saves between 15% and 30%+ off the energy used to heat and light your home. It’s controller, which replaces the central heating timeclock, contains a computer program that learns, and constantly refines, the heat loss profile of your house so that it uses the least amount of energy.

At 25 Manor Road, St Neots, the HeatingSave system is using HeatingSaves’ glass evacuated solar tubes to heat the hot water using the suns rays. As HeatingSave is controlling both the boiler and the solar panel, it is able to make further economies by using the free energy from the sun as much as possible. The heating is turned up or down automatically depending upon the heat loss profile of the house and the outside temperature, whilst the occupancy sensors automatically turn up and down the heating depending on whether anyone is at home. The same occupancy sensors automatically turn lights on/off, this time saving money off the electricity bill. The immersion heater is also controlled by HeatingSave, allowing the home owner the vary the hot water temperature; hot for the baths/showers in the morning and cooler in the day for washing up, hand-washing and the washing machine. All saving energy and money, but leaving you firmly in control. Linked to the HeatingSave controller is a PC where the householder can change settings, view daily costings to help with the household budget and view the energy savings graphs – so you can see that the system is actually working and saving you money. The HeatingSave system is linked to the Internet so you can control, set and view how well your energy management system is working – from anywhere in the world.

HeatingSave is part of Tensor plc, and at 25 Manor Road, a Tensor Smart Card access control system provides secure entry to the house, removing the need for front door keys. A new smart card can be quickly and easily assigned to a person, or cancelled, which means they are more secure than keys and cheaper to replace. The Tensor smart card entry system is linked to the HeatingSave controller so that when you leave the house the heating is automatically turned down so as not to waste fuel whilst you are away.

At 1 St Audrey Lane, St Ives the HeatingSave system is controlling the Dimplex flat solar panel and the Dimplex air heat source pump. There is no central heating boiler, with heat being extracted solely from the outside air temperature and the suns rays. HeatingSave applies the same type of control at 1 St Audrey Lane as at 25 Manor Road. Again the Tensor access control system links to HeatingSave so that the energy management system “knows” when the house is occupied or empty.

HeatingSave is a government approved by the Carbon Trust and the Energy Savings Trust to save money on your energy usage. It is also an approved product on the lord mayor of London’s “London Green500” scheme.