The Gardens at the St Ives Green House

During May, our intention was to spend time weeding the front garden, but suprisingly few weeds have come up, so work started on cutting or removing seedlings from the Lychnis coronaria, Cephalaria gigantea and Centranthus ruber.

The back garden needed very little attention, few weeds in the woodland and just hoeing of the wildlife border. The vegetable garden needed some sorting out and beetroot seeds and some broadbeans were planted. The pond pump was also cleaned out.

Throughout June, the front garden was a little easier but the Crambe maritimum needed staking and trimming in order to allow other things to flourish. There are many lavender seedlings coming up as well.

In the back garden, the pond area is looking good and so is the  border, but the vegetable garden once again needed some attention. We have removed a considerable number of raspberry canes which threaten to take over the entire garden (if not the world). We also removed the last of the brassicas. Some carrots, French beans, some basil and one courgette plant have been planted in the vegetable garden  Also some more beetroot, the first lot is up as are the broad beans.

The blackberry’s have been trained back to the trellis and the asparagus plants have been stacked up.

The drought garden won SILVER at BBC Gardeners World live. The public were very enthusiastic as were the judges who said that it was the best drought garden they had seen out of many presented this year.

Altogether its been a successful few months and the garden continues to thrill us with its development.

More seed sowing planned for the next few weeks and a few tomatoes may appear in the green house.

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