Post refurbishment testing now taking place

Now that the majority of the work has been completed on the Green Houses, a number of post monitoring tests are underway. These tests will show how effective the new measures have been in improving the carbon emissions form the properties.

The properties are now in the hands of the Building Research Establishment (BRE) who will be conducting the following tests over three weeks.

Co-heating testing

Co-heating testing

The co-heating test measures heat loss in an unoccupied house. The houses are electrically heated at a temperature of around 25 degrees during a 2-3 week period. Measuring the amount of electrical energy that is required to maintain the internal temperature will determine the combined fabric and infiltration heat loss of the properties.

Air tightness testing

Air tightness testing

An air tightness test identifies where and how quickly air is leaking from the properties. Common places of leakage are around windows, piping and floorboards. Once these areas have been found corrective action can be taken to reduce droughts and reduce energy consumption.

Air quality tests will be taking place to ensure the air within the houses is safe. This test will look at common gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

Both the properties have had their roof and walls insulated and windows replaced to protect from heat loss. The Infra-red thermal imaging test will visually identify how effective these measures have been in reducing heat loss from both of the properties.

The St Neots property will also have an acoustic test. As this property is adjoining, this test will identify how and where sound enters and leaves the property.

All these tests will be completed within the next week. The results of the tests will be posted soon, so watch this space.

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