Paving the way to managing runoff

New driveways have now been laid at both of the Green Houses and with the support of The Brett Group, who are the leading independent manufacture of building materials, a solution to managing surface runoff has been built-in to these properties.

Following the introduction of legislation, you can no longer replace paving without considering where the surface water will drain to.

Everyone is asked to act responsibly and do their bit by installing driveways that ensure surface water is handled within the confines of the property, letting it soak into the ground rather than flooding public drains.

The driveways have been constructed using permeable paving blocks which allows water to permeate through to and into the ground naturally. Once it has past through the joints between the blocks, the water passes through the sub base layer which includes a geotextile membrane to assist drainage into the subgrade. Eventually the water penetrates into the ground, so efficiently managing any surface water.

St Ives Driveway

St Ives Driveway

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