Rainwater harvesting has arrived at the St Ives house

There were no holes to dig and we didn’t even have to bury a tank, so how has rainwater harvesting been included at this property?

Well with the help of Halsted Rain who are the UK leaders in the collection and utilisation of rainwater in the urban environment, we have introduced a rainwater harvesting system which is cost effective, space saving and a visually discreet solution to reducing the needs of mains water.

The system was installed at the St Ives property a few weeks ago and includes three Super-Slim Rainwater Tanks which sits at the side of the property. The collected water will be used for the flushing of the downstairs toilet saving around 25% of the water which is normally flushed down the toilet.

Rain water from the roof entres the filter from the doen pipe, passes through the insect proof stainless stell mesh and into the super-slim tank. Dirt, leaves and other debris is diverted by the mesh and a unique roller system in the filter directly to the storm water drain.

For more information about saving water within your home visit the Water Efficiency page.

Super-Slim Rainwater Tank

Super-Slim Rainwater Tank

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