The last few weeks have been busy at St Ives…

Cavity closer around window aperture

Cavity closer around window aperture

The brickwork has now been constructed for the double storey extension to the side of the St Ives property and the single storey extension to the rear. Cavity closers have been installed around the window and door apertures, which will prevent cold bridging, provide thermal efficiency and will also give a level of damp proofing – all in compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations. Cavity closers also provide a rigid template for construction and allow a close fit for the brickwork around the windows and doors.

The wall cavities of both the St Neots and St Ives houses and the new extensions will be filled with WALLTITE® cavity wall insulation, provided by BASF Polyurethanes. This is an injection grade rigid closed cell PU foam that provides insulation, airtightness and thermal efficiency. The system is installed to BS 7456:1991 and is a totally inert material containing no fibres, formaldehyde or styrene. Durable and sustainable, WALLTITE® cavity wall insulation provides permanent adhesion over the whole surface area of a wall and overcomes wall tie failure, weak mortar joints and other related structural problems.

The insulation will installed by trained professionals approved by BASF. For more information on WALLTITE® cavity wall insulation and WALLTITE® spray foam insulation visit The WALLTITE® spray foam will be applied between the rafters in the loft space of the St Neots property.

The St Ives house has a low roof with sloping ceilings in the existing upstairs rooms. This presented a problem for insulating these areas as the depth of the joists on the slopes were too shallow to accommodate the required amount of insulation using the traditional method. This problem was overcome by installing 80mm of insulating board between the joists, allowing for a 20mm air gap, then on the inside of the walls we used using Eco-Liner Dab – insulated dry lining board, supplied by Ecotherm. This is a plasterboard faced PIR Polyisocyanurate foam insulation combining dry lining and insulation in a one board application. The product is available in different thicknesses from 42.5mm to 112.5mm. To find out more about this and other Eco-Therm products visit .

The landscaping of the St Ives garden is progressing. The gated allotment area with raised vegetable beds has been completed, the green house has been put in place, as has the base for the potting shed and the recycling and composting facilities are ready to go in. Several shrubs have been planted and the pond liner (supplied by Gordon Low) will be going in this week in preparation for the pond to be filled. Once this has been completed the patio area will then be laid with a unique design of paving stones supplied by Stonemarket.

Loft insulation has now been laid between the joists in the main pitched roof to a depth of 270mm, using rolls of insulating material made from recycled glass bottles, providing excellent thermal performance.

Another recent development has been the installation of the flat plate solar collectors on the south facing roof of the new extension. The photovoltaics (pv) are due to be installed shortly afterwards on the 16th July… more to follow…

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