St Ives garden is starting to take shape…

The garden at St Ives has been cleared and is now ready for the preparation work to take place for the eco-garden, designed by local Chelsea Gold Medal winner Marney Hall. The garden will incorporate many eco-features and is being designed to encourage biodiversity, with specifically designated areas including a woodland area and a meadow/grassed lawn. There will be an allotment with a green house, a potting shed, a composter, and a pond/wetland area with solar pv powered pump. The composting, rainwater collection and recycling will be demonstrated to show the important benefits this can have on nurturing and encouraging growth in the garden, as well as adopting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and reducing your carbon footprint.

The garden compliments the green roof situated on the new rear extension to the house. Read all about green roofs and their benefits by visiting

Marney has used her extensive knowledge of conservation and garden design to come up with a truly inspirational garden which will encourage and demonstrate to visitors how they can replicate and incorporate many of the features into their own gardens at home. The allotment area will be used to provide home grown produce. It is hoped this particular area will show how easy it is to grow your own fruit and vegetables and the benefits it can provide, including a reduction in food miles. There is something very satisfying about eating your own home grown fruit and veg! It also acts as a good incentive for children to ‘eat their greens’ if they’ve helped to grow them in their own garden! For more information on ‘growing your own’ visit:

As you can see from the artist’s impression below, the rear garden will provide an area of tranquil beauty – a place to enjoy and, importantly, a place to learn from.

Keep up-to-date with us here for further details on the species of plants being used, how the features are being built and to watch the garden coming together.

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